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The concept of a 1031 exchange is essentially a strategy to defer capital gains taxes by transferring the equity from the sale of an investment property into the acquisition of another. This approach is often preferred by clients who are aiming to augment their profits or mitigate their management duties. They view a 1031 exchange as an effective means to attain their investment objectives.

Recognized as the frontrunner in the industry, Marcus & Millichap has facilitated more tax-deferred exchanges than any other company. This accomplishment can be attributed to our extensive array of exclusive listings and our ethos of cooperation and knowledge dissemination.

The Basics

Instead of promptly remitting capital gains tax on the sale of a property, also known as the "down leg," many investors choose to postpone this payment. They do so by procuring a new property, termed as the "up leg," with the proceeds. This practice is typically known as a 1031 exchange, named after the section of U.S. tax code that stipulates it. Given the specific rules and timelines pertaining to a 1031 exchange, it is crucial to entrust this process to a seasoned and well-informed specialist.

Setting the Foundation

Consult with your real estate, financial, and tax consultants to comprehend the timelines and limitations and engage a certified intermediary to streamline the transaction.

Property Disposal

The experts at The Agnew | Serling Group of Marcus & Millichap have connections to the most extensive network of eligible buyers in the industry, ensuring you sell your property promptly and for a favorable price.

Replacement Selection

Your next transaction, involving the acquisition of up to three replacement properties, is constrained by a specific time limit. With the most extensive compilation of exclusive listings at our disposal, our firm provides you with a multitude of superior options for your up leg.


Being the industry front-runner in both 1031 exchanges and overall transactions, we possess the necessary knowledge and proficiency to smoothly and successfully navigate you through the closing process.

Exchange Documentation

The exchange should be reported on your annual tax return for the year in which the down leg property was sold, a responsibility that falls to your tax consultant.


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Is an Exchange Right for You?

While a 1031 exchange is the right decision for many investors, there are many rules and deadlines associated with it, and it's important to work with experienced specialists. Our highly trained advisors bring years of expertise to every transaction, helping you execute your 1031 exchange flawlessly.


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